Wondering How to Get Started With Your Brand Building? Here’s How


Contrary to popular belief, building a brand is vastly different from building a business. In fact, the creation of a brand is a subset of establishing a business and is extremely vital to the business’s success right from the beginning. For this reason, if you are looking to establish your very own startup, it is essential to know the difference between the two and, more importantly, focus on building a brand. 

The concept of branding

Entrepreneurs, both veterans and freshers, tend to define a brand differently. However, almost everyone agrees that it plays a crucial role in a business’ endeavour to market itself. To put it plainly, a brand refers to the collective perception that the target demographic or general public has about a business. It must look unique, catchy, and distinguished from other services or products.


A brand is heavily influenced by the experiences that a consumer has with a business through visual, auditory, and even physical interactions. Finally, these perceptions become the brand of your company when the consumer tells others about their experiences.

Branding, on the other hand, refers to the steps that you or a branding agency will take to mould the perception that your demographic has about your business.

The components of a brand

To simplify this concept, it would be helpful to break down a typical brand into its constituent components. These include: 

  • Logos

A logo is often the first aspect that the average person would associate with a brand and is unique only to your company. 

  • Colour composition

The colour palette that your company chooses is a subtle yet impactful aspect of a brand. It also reflects the personality of the brand without verbal communication. 

  • Tagline

Like in the movies, taglines will act like the first verbal interaction that a brand has with a consumer. It is meant to compile everything your company offers in one sentence or a few words. 

  • Shapes

This will contribute to the readability of the logo and influence the typography and imagery of the brand in general. 

  • Voice and vocabulary

This is the tone that your company decides to use when creating all promotional content and, at times, even interactions on social media with consumers. 

  • Typography

Another major contributor to the readability of a logo while also displaying the brand’s personality is the typography that you decide to use. Therefore, choose wisely.

  • Imagery/graphics

Be it abstract art or opting to leave nothing to the consumer’s imagination, the graphics you choose will deeply influence your brand’s overall aesthetic. 

The basics of a branding strategy

A branding strategy may differ on a certain level depending on the industry you choose to establish your business in. However, every branding strategy is created after experiencing a similar thought process. Whether you decide to formulate your branding strategy or choose a branding agency like Indesign Elements, the end goal remains the same. That is, building a solid brand. 

Typically, the best branding agencies, including Indesign Elements, create their strategies through the following steps: 

  • Find your target demographic

Since, the creation of a brand depends heavily on the likes or preferences of the consumer, the business must be capable of determining who the desired target demographic is and start by specifically catering to them. 

Whether the demographic is restricted to a certain age group or a particular community, a branding agency will make it a point to build a brand that will resonate on an emotional level for maximum return on investment. 

  • Distinctive style

Determining what makes your business different from your competitors will help you to make a profit. This is especially where the voice and vocabulary will come in, as these components will be the most effective to differentiate your company’s persona from that of your competitors. This will also be your style guide and will have to be drafted in detail to use in every creative brief you need to make. 

  • Create components

After determining the voice and vocabulary, it is time to create the rest of the components according to the persona you are going for. Everything from the logo to the typography has to align with the character you create for your businesses. This is where Indesign Elements will benefit your brand-building efforts the most, as you will be able to create a logo and other components that best represent your company’s personality. 

  • Brand story and vision

Another aspect that tends to garner more attention from consumers is when the business is shown to have an authentic origin story. A recent survey showed that 86% of customers are more likely to choose an authentic brand as customers can relate to the business as a whole on an emotional level. 

  • Consistent characteristics

As mentioned before, choosing a specific tone will significantly improve the success of the brand. In fact, according to some sources, consistent branding increases revenue by 33%. Therefore, Indesign Elements will help to create a brand voice that is strong and consistent in every advertisement, social media post and more. 

  • Adapt and refine

The branding strategy that you create requires constant revising. This is because the only way to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment is to work towards changing certain aspects of the business so that the brand will change as well. For this reason, Indesign Elements stays on top of recent trends and topics and works towards incorporating them into your brand. 

Although you may not be able to control what a consumer thinks of your business and brand, it will help to take an active approach to shape the way they see your brand from behind the scenes. 

Indesign Elements can cater to every aspect of your brand with a range of services at your disposal. From designing every component of your brand to positioning your brand, you will be able to obtain an advantage over your competitors. Therefore, with our promise of Integrate, Ideate and Innovate, your brand will be in good hands.

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